Wayne County Fair Mock Election Results

Wayne County Fair-Themed Mock Election Results


The results are in from the Special Wayne County Fair-Themed Mock Election held during the Wayne County Fair!  And the winners are….


Favorite Fair Sweet Treat:      Donuts - 43.8%

                                                Ice Cream – 28.4%

            Top Write Ins:  Cheesecake, Deep-fried Oreos


Favorite Fair Food:                  Chicken BBQ – 40.2%

                                                Sausage Sandwich – 21.3%

            Top Write Ins:  Fries, Pork Sandwich, Gyros


Favorite Fair Entertainment:  Grandstand Music Shows – 35.0%

                                                Tractor Pull – 30.0%

            Top Write Ins:  Horse Racing, Rides/Midway


Favorite Fair Place to Visit:     Animal Barns – 43.5%

                                                Commercial Buildings – 17.8%

            Top Write Ins:  New Event Center


The Wayne County Board of Elections would like to thank the Wayne County Democratic Party and the Wayne County Republican Party for hosting the voting machine demonstrations, as well as all the fairgoers who stopped and participated in the mock election.


Didn’t get your chance to see the new voting equipment?  The Board of Elections will be hosting an Open House on October 7, 2019, which is the last day to register for the 2019 General Election.  Details for the open house will be released soon.